Community Clean Up

Earth Day Monday, April 22nd kicks off the Community Clean Up Event in LaPerle!

Clean, litter-free park and streets make us all proud to call LaPerle home.

Please keep the following safety tips in mind when cleaning up around the community:

  • Always wear gloves and sturdy footwear – no open-toed shoes
  • Dress appropriately, wear a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent (summer IS coming)
  • Work with a partner or group of people (it’s more fun that way) and make sure at least one person has a cell phone with them
  • Only pick up litter during daylight hours
  • Do not compress garbage or reach into containers with hands or feet
  • Do not pick up needles/syringes, glass, sharp, heavy or over sized objects or hazardous waste. Call 311 to report the location so that the item may be collected by City staff.
  • Call 311 to report graffiti
  • Wash your hands after your clean up, and remember to stay hydrated

Most importantly, have fun!