Community League Presidents Message

Spring has sprung and the 2017 Town Hall meeting is right around the corner. For those who want to impact change in our own community, I invite you to join us for the 2017 Town Hall meeting at the hall at 7pm on April 23rd. This is your opportunity to sound your voice on important matters and possibly step up into a leadership role on the community board and fill a critical role.

The primary themes at this year’s Town Hall will be fiscal responsibility and the community’s growth strategy.  Did you know that it cost over $5,000 to run our rinks last year? Our rinks were only open 30 days this past winter as they are closed when the temperature is too cold or too warm and a warm winter melted our very early.  Our rinks cost $195 per day they were open serving an average of ten skaters per day, with only six of them from our own membership and most being repeat users?    Thanks to the tireless efforts of Denis Ricard and the rink committee, our hockey rink was refurbished in 2016; however, our rinks are becoming unsafe for members to skate and likely have a lifespan of no more than ten years, after which they would need to be completely rebuilt at a cost in excess of more than $80,000 per rink.  In sharp contrast, our soccer program involves 160 kids annually (indoor and outdoor combined), but not all are able to afford the program.  Our uniforms and equipment are also quickly deteriorating.  Our community is now at a cross-road where we must determine where our limited funds are best spent.  A motion will be made at the meeting that the operation of the rinks be suspended for 2017/18 season and $5,000 re-routed to the soccer program.  Members who attend the Town Hall will have the opportunity to speak for and against this motion and will ultimately decide whether operation of the rinks or affordability of the soccer program is more valued. Please attend the Town Hall to be included in this decision.

To voice your opinion on any matters related to our community, please visit the La Perle Community Facebook page and leave your comment, or email us at

Congratulation to our indoor U-14 girls soccer team, coach by Todd Opatril, who placed 1st in the 2017 Slush Cup. Good luck to all our soccer teams competing in the outdoor season this spring.


Trevor Eliott