Plant Thefts in La Perle

Our Community appears to be under siege by one, or multiple individuals stealing plants from our public spaces. Over the course of roughly 2 weeks, over a half dozen plants have been stolen from both the La Perle School garden, and from the Community Hall.

The first incident occurred sometime over Father’s Day weekend in the La Perle School Garden Club’s Naturescape garden, where a thief made off with a recently planted Blueberry plant, Strawberry plant and a large Tomato plant – with cage! These gardens are planted and tended to by La Perle students, and it’s hard to imagine how someone could steal from children like this. When news of the theft was made public on the La Perle Community group page, the community rallied together within hours to replace the stolen plants.

The second theft happened at 4 am on June 20th, behind the Community Hall where surveillance cameras captured an alleged thief walking his dog, carrying a rake and a garbage bag, in the area where the two stolen plants (a Veronica, and a Rose plant) were located, he leaves, and then returns within 5 minutes with a red wheelbarrow and appears to dig them up.

The third offence occurred one week later, on Wednesday June 27th back at the Naturescape garden where yet another Strawberry plant, along with a Pepper plant went missing. The thefts were once again posted to the Community group on Facebook, and again met with understandable disappointment and outrage from group members.

This sort of petty theft is obviously not something we want to tolerate, and following the second incident at the Hall, the League made contact with the West Edmonton Police Service to discuss what options we have to deal with this individual.