Skating Rink Reservation

Update: March 5, 2021

With our recent warm weather the ice on the rink has melted significantly and down to the grass on the north end. As of today the rink will no longer be available for bookings nor will it be maintained.
We tried to prolong the condition of ice for as long as possible but alas we have lost to mother nature!
I want to thank the community for the incredible rink season! We did not have a single issue with overcrowding or anything else that prompted a visit from bylaw! We saw so many smiles over the winter which is exactly what we hoped for! I also want to thank the rink committee team for all those volunteer hours that went into that slab of ice! We’ll need to celebrate a good season eventually! Thank you to the Community League Board for the support to make it happen this year! I also like to thank the better halves of the rink committee for the support and understanding of all those hours spent creating ice that rivaled Rogers Place (that’s the comparison rumour anyways)!

Cheers La Perle! See you on the ice again next year!